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Parental Awareness

Parental Drug Awareness Workshops - now taking bookings for Spring 2019

Worried that children know more about drugs than you do?

Choices about drugs and alcohol might be made much earlier then many parents / carers realise, with some children exposed before they leave primary school. Whilst schools provide drug education for pupils, HCC builds on this by offering Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshops to help families carry on learning together at home.  

Adapted to be age appropriate, the content for primary and secondary school workshops is different but both offer useful information about a range of drugs, alcohol and the law, as well as suggesting tips for positive conversations at home that encourage children to keep healthy and safe.

Adapted to be age appropriate for primary and secondary schools the workshop now provides information and raises awareness about the risks of:

  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • The misuse of prescription drugs, including Xanax
  • Ketamin
  • Nitrous Oxide (AKA silver bullets, ‘gas’)

Other topics, including cocaine and staying safe at summer music festivals, can be negotiated at the time of booking to make it responsive to current issues as they arise.
Some key points:

  • 100% of parents think these workshops are useful, informative and worthwhile.

‘Every school should offer this to parents, it should be in every school every year.’ (Parent - Ashlyns School)

  • 100% said that they learnt new things.

‘Before this I knew nothing about drugs – they are not part of my culture. Now I do.’ (Parent - St. Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Primary School)

  • Some parents reported feeling less anxious and isolated in their concerns after attending.

‘I thought I was the only one worrying about this. It was great to talk to other parents and know I wasn’t alone.’ (Parent – Broxbourne School)

  • Parents said they feel more confident to talk about drugs and alcohol with their children afterwards.

‘I’ve been worrying about how to talk about alcohol, especially now in Year 10 when they are starting to go to parties. I feel more confident, thank you.’ (Foster Carer - The Beaumont School)

To find out more and book a Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshop at the subsidised rate of £260.00 please email Vanessa Rogers giving the name of your school.

This promotion is open to all schools in Hertfordshire before the end of March 2019.


Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by Hertfordshire County Council to support primary and secondary schools in Hertfordshire in delivering in-house Parental Drug Awareness Workshops. It includes a detailed guide for schools advising on how to organise and deliver their own workshops, a PowerPoint presentation, accompanying lesson plan, Drugs Information Sheet and evaluation forms.

For more information on this toolkit, and to request support in delivering parental awareness workshops, please contact:

Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Workshop Toolkit Update
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Flyer
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Information
Parental Drug and Alcohol Awareness Presentation