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eLearning Resources

This resource is only available to Hertfordshire Schools.

Each resource below has an information page which explains in detail about the resource.

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Channel Mogo (ages 11-19)

Channel Mogo Hertfordshire's online information site for young people in the county which covers a range of topics related to PSHE & Citizenship.

This inter-active website also offers vidcasts, mp3 downloads, competitions and opportunities for discussion and webchats. It is free to join and provides a safe online community for young people in Hertfordshire.

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British Pathe

Pathe NewsThere is no longer a Licence for Hertfordshire schools to download videos, however all videos can still be viewed on their website. Covers News, Sport, Social History and entertainment from 1896 to 1970. More Information Access from Home Start this service

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Other resources are listed below:

Welltown: KS1

welltown website... You can find out about keeping healthy and staying safe. You can visit different places in the town to see lots of different ways to keep you and your friends healthy and happy.

Galaxy: KS2

galaxy website... Here you will find out about keeping healthy and staying safe. Check out the different zones of the space station to see many ways to keep you and your friends healthy and happy. Test yourself in the games to see how much you know already!

Life Bytes: KS3

Proquest Learning: LiteratureLifeBytes is a new website which gives young people aged 11 - 14 facts about health in a fun and interesting way.


Mind, Body & Soul: KS4

Proquest Learning: LiteratureMind, Body & Soul is a new website which aims to give young people aged 14-16, the lowdown on health in a fun and interesting way.