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School staff who have recently attended training by the PSHE team have commented:

"Excellent morning – good to have lots of activities to do as well as discussion. Your passion is infectious! Thank you"

"Very informative session – great help"


Working in partnership to support all children and young people in Hertfordshire to achieve health and well being.

The PSHE and Citizenship advisers offer bespoke training, CPD, and consultancy (including PSHE/SRE school reviews, INSET, twilights, surgery sessions, workshops, policy advice and updates, network meetings and 1:1 support) for a varied audience including PSHE leads, members of the school leadership team, headteachers, governors, parents, teaching assistants, parent workers, school health advisers and local authority advisers.

An enhanced understanding will be gained in how to raise standards in both PSHE and/or Citizenship Education and the way in which this can impact on pupil achievement and wellbeing. 

Department management issues in the primary and secondary school:

  • Leadership and Management of PSHE and Citizenship or both combined.
  • Curriculum planning including effective lesson planning.
  • PSHCE Education policy, Sex and Relationship Education Policy and Drug Education policy writing support
  • Establishing and embedding effective PSHCE teaching and learning techniques
  • Whole school approach to creating a safe learning environment to tackle sensitive and controversial issues and support values education.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education and ways to audit provision.
  • PSHCE assessment, recording and reporting .
  • Departmental action planning and department handbook creation.

Curriculum development, resourcing suggestions and general support on KS1 – 5:

  • Sex and Relationships education.
  • Substance use and misuse – Drug Education including alcohol education.
  • Subject review - including policy writing support and lesson observations.
  • Healthy Schools.
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing including SEAL.
  • Personal finance education.
  • Citizenship including promoting British Values and preventing extremism.
  • Healthy Eating.
  • Risk and resilience.
  • Raising the issue of pornography, sexual consent, Child Sexual Exploitation and grooming.
  • Self-Harm.
  • Body image.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Pupil voice and peer mentoring/peer education/buddying.
  • Protective Behaviours.
  • Other areas related to PSHCE/SMSC by negotiation.
  • Circle time as one method to deliver PSHCE.

Pastoral issues:

  • Head of Year role development.
  • Assembly planning.
  • Tutoring skills.
  • Pastoral issues and dealing with parents.
  • Supporting schools to reach HS status and enhanced status.

Up to date advice will also be given on DfE, Ofsted and other national initiatives. E-safety and Anti-Bullying issues are delivered by Richard Maskrey and Karin Hutchinson.

Guidance will be given in developing the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum in order to support pupils’ contribution at both local and wider community level.  Self-evaluation, improvement planning and effective ways to lead and manage PSHE education and Citizenship education will be integral to the support provided.

Wellbeing and Vulnerable programmes and courses

A comprehensive range of programmes and courses are run by the Wellbeing and Vulnerable Groups team each term.

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:

PSHE School Based Support / CPD

The following are examples of schools based support sessions. In addition, we can deliver any CPD courses which are listed in the termly courses brochure sent to schools.

Developing the assessment of PSHE

This training can be adapted according to need to focus on objectives and outcomes, reviewing current work against QCA end of Key Stage statements, developing PSHE assessment activities and using higher order thinking skills to ensure that the needs of all learners are supported.
Approx. time required: 1.5 - 3 hours depending on requirement

Helping pupils deal with loss

This session is aimed at supporting staff in developing areas of the PSHE curriculum to deal with loss and bereavement.
Approx. time required: 2 hours

Promoting happy playtimes for everyone on the primary school playground

A two hour session (approx) delivered by the PSHE & Citizenship Adviser for Midday Supervisory Assistants. It includes guidance around the role of being an effective MSA and what makes a happy playground.

An introduction to restorative justice approaches

This session is aimed at introducing restorative justice approaches and how they can be used in the school setting.
Approx. time required: 2 hours

Developing the role of the PSHE lead

A session for subject leaders to explore and develop their role in order to lead and manage the PSHE teaching and learning in their school.
Approx. time required: 3 hours

Writing a PSHE SEF and action plan

A session for the subject leader examining how to complete a subject SEF, where to find
the evidence to support judgements and how this should lead into action planning.
Approx. time required: 2 hours

PSHE subject review

A detailed review of teaching and learning in PSHE leadership and management and
standards. Followed by a detailed written report with key points for action.
Approx. time required: 1 day

Developing sex & relationships education within PSHE

A two part session to undertake a whole school review of the school’s current policy and
practice within the PSHE framework.
Approx. time required: 2 x 1.5 hour sessions


To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact Herts for Learning on 01438 845111 or email:


PSHE Training/Consultancy

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PSHE Network Meeting

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Drug & Alcohol Education One-to-One Consultancy Sessions

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Sex & Relationships Education One-to-One Consultancy Sessions

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PSHE CPD Courses

Brook training

Online e training resources

Brook, the national young people’s sexual health and wellbeing charity provides free online e training resources for professionals. They cover a wide range of topics including contraception, relationships and consent. For more information visit: