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Assessing RE with the 'Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022' New

RE Assessment grid for primary age related expectations by year group

The RE assessment grid has been developed by Hertfordshire SACRE members to provide the statutory expected learning outcomes for the end of each key stage taken from Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022 pages 18-22 wheels. For years 1, 3 and 5 new suggested non-statutory exemplars are provided in italics. In school training and consultancy on assessing RE is available from HfL.


Implementing the 'Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022' and planning from 'Religion for Today and Tomorrow'

Following the implementation of the new Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022, the Hertfordshire SACRE are pleased to share exemplars of long and medium term planning to support teachers in writing plans for their individual settings.

The suggestions are non-statutory and are based on the enquiry approach set out in 'Religion for Today and Tomorrow' which can be purchased from the Herts for Learning website.

EYFS exemplar
KS1 exemplar
LKS2 exemplar
UKS2 exemplar


RE Model Policies

SACRE Model Religious Education Policy for Primary Schools
SACRE Model Religious Education Policy for Secondary Schools

Faith Communities Directory for Hertfordshire 2018-19

This directory has been compiled with the help of the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) in Hertfordshire. Members of the faith groups in Hertfordshire are keen to support schools in their implementation of the new Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education. To this end, those listed are able and willing to visit schools to talk to groups of pupils about their faith. Some may be willing to speak in assemblies and other larger gatherings. We have also listed the main place(s) of worship for the 6 principal faiths in Hertfordshire.

We intend to update this directory regularly and hope to increase the number of entries. Please let us know if you use a speaker who is not on this list whom you are prepared to recommend.

The Directory is available from within Hertfordshire schools only.

Guidance on Collective Worship


Collective Worship Policies

CSF0064 Model Collective Worship Policy for Primary Schools
CSF0065 Model Collective Worship Policy for Secondary Schools


Halloween Guidance


Halloween Guidance for Schools


Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day - Whole Assembly Script - Primary
Holocaust Memorial Day - I will Build a Bridge (Ellie Olmer, Little Reddings School)

The resources above have been created by Ellie Olmer, Little Reddings School.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Ideas for commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day.

Illustrated Holocaust Glossary

Year 6 unit of work to support the teaching about the Holocaust, links with English, PHSE, History, ICT and Drama visit:

Free CPD Programme in Holocaust Education

A FREE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme in Holocaust Education is now available to secondary school teachers across England. The high quality, high-impact CPD will be delivered by internationally recognized experts from the Holocaust Education Development Programme (HEDP), part of the world renowned Institute of Education, University of London. The CPD content has been strongly informed by an in-depth national survey that has highlighted exactly where many teachers are facing issues or constraints to their ability to teach about the Holocaust effectively. The CPD is delivered in workshops and will also provide age-appropriate and effective classroom-ready materials and resources.
 Sign up or find out more online at: