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HertsGuard is our online system for carrying out Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks. It can be used for all DBS checks for your staff and volunteers. You will invite your applicants and volunteers to complete their DBS check online, after you have seen and entered their identity documents.

About the System

It is a secure hosted web-based system, which means it is accessible to you and your applicants 24 hours a day via the internet. The system has built-in help, training and guidance with the benefit of validation to minimise errors.

You will need to be set up on the system to be able to use it. If you need to be set up please contact the Safe Staffing team who will be happy to help.

The system can be accessed at:

DBS Charges

HCC managed schools are charged via the monthly biscuit report for the DBS checks they process each month:

The DBS charges are broken down below:

DBS check= £44

HCC Admin Fee = £16.50

Total = £60.50

Volunteers are only charged the Admin Fee.

Please Note: A volunteer is someone who is not benefiting from the position in any way; i.e. work experience for those studying teaching or child care etc. The DBS will question applications that they don’t feel are for genuine volunteers.


HCC managed schools are not charged VAT as they are covered under the LA statute. This doesn’t apply to Academies and therefore they will be charged VAT on the Admin Fee only.

Additional Pre-Employment Check

We offer an additional check that is not connected to a DBS. This is called the Stand Alone Barred List Check and should be used when an employee joins with a HCC DBS from another school without a break in service.

This satisfies the DfE’s SCR requirements (par. 105 pg. 28 “Keeping Children Safe in Education”). We charge £5 for this additional check (+VAT for Academies).

Getting Help

Please contact us if you need any help using the system:

Safe Staffing Team
Email :
Tel: 01992 555896