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The Disclosure and Barring Service has made some changes to the documents required for a DBS check. An applicant has to prove they have a right to work, therefore one of the documents must fulfil these requirements. Please refer to the DBS ID Checking Process below for details of the routes and documents needed.

What is ID Verification?

ID verification is the process of ensuring the person is who they say they are. There are a few basic checks you can do to verify identity:

  • While the person is in front of you check that they look like their document photo (where provided)
  • Do they look the correct age range?
  • Check name and compare to other original documents for discrepancies and spelling mistakes
  • Check passport stamps, endorsements and visas, which would confirm right to work (if foreign national)
  • Check visa expiry dates and work restrictions (if foreign students)
  • Remember foreign nationals on limited leave should not be offered permanent contract
What is Document Verification?

Document verification is the process used to check that documents provided by an applicant in support of their application (passport, utility bills, driving license qualifications etc.) are valid and genuine.

For example, the documents given are originals and have been examined to ensure they have no obvious signs of editing.

They information within the documentation is consistent to other information given in the application form or other documents, name, DOB and address are all the same.

In a recent report by a ID Document Verification Solution provider 36% of British documents were found to be fraudulent

What should I do if I suspect a document is fraudulent?
  • Do not panic
  • Do not alert the applicant
  • Take copies of all documents and continue as normal
  • Tell the applicant/ candidate that you will be in touch
  • Report your concerns to your HR colleagues who should contact the Police or your local Immigration Enforcement Office:

If you are unsure of the validity of any document you are checking, please contact a member of the Herts HR Safe Staffing Team:
Tel: 01992 555854

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