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All schools should have place a complete and up to date single central record (SCR), in accordance with the DFE guidance “Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education”.

The Safe Staffing Team assists schools in their safeguarding responsibilities by assessing their single central record. This should help highlight any issues, so that when Ofsted inspect your single central record, it will be complete. The team is also available to assist with queries and provide support.

The template spreadsheet incorporates current safeguarding recruitment practice. Guidance has been written to assist you in completing and maintain your SCR (please see below).

The Team will e-mail you 2 weeks before we require your SCR to be submitted

Your SCR can be sent to the Safe Staffing Team, either by Anycomms, Anycomms Plus, or by e-mail

Once we have receive your SCR we will then score the spreadsheet and provide feedback to the School via E-mail to the Head Teacher and admin. A hard copy will be sent via the courier post to the Chair of Governors.

For any SCR queries, please call 01992 555896 (Schools) 01992 555895 (Academies)


Please note: documents marked with in schools only are only available from within a Hertfordshire School or education setting connected to the Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service.


Instructions for producing the Schools Single Central Record Version 5.

SCR Template Spreadsheet in schools only

If you would like to send SCR via Anycomms Plus please visit the SITSS information at:

Reference Risk Assessment in schools only



Single Central Record Information and Guidance in schools only New
Update Service Checking Process Guidance in schools only New
Single Central Record Guidance FAQ's in schools only


Appendices: Additional Supplementary Guidance

Appendix 1 - Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Information in schools only
Appendix 2 - Keeping Who Safe - Contractors Leaflet
Appendix 3 - Universities and Colleges that Share our Criteria in schools only


Other Useful Guidance and Links

Visitors to the school

Irregular visitors to the school do not need to be listed on the single central record.  When visitors come into the school, you should be aware of their visit prior to their arrival.  They should sign in to the school and show photographic ID, proving who they are.  A DBS is not required providing supervision is in place. (January 2014)

HCC and Agency Staff

Agency staff, and people being sent into the school from HCC on a regular basis (eg. catering staff and peripatetic music teachers) need to be entered on your HCC and Agency tab on your single central record.  Schools should have been informed which individual/s are coming into the School and receive confirmation that all necessary pre-employment checks (including DBS) have been carried out on that individual.  Schools do not need to evidence the DBS, but upon arrival the individual should show photographic ID and sign into the school. (January 2014)


Model Personal Record Filing Policy (Schools Based Employees)
DfE: Keeping children safe: updated statutory guidance for schools (July 2015) Revised

Updated statutory safeguarding guidance for schools and colleges. The DfE have not made any policy changes but inserted further information on Preventing Radicalisation to alert the sector to the Prevent Duty that came into force on the 1st July, Female Genital Mutilation , to alert the sector on the up and coming mandatory reporting duty on professionals to report known cases of FGM and further information on Children Missing Education that emphasises current responsibilities.

This is only relevant to Chairs of Academy Trusts

SL 1 Annex 1 - The steps you need to take to obtain a criminal record
SL 1 Annex 2 - Regulated Activity January 2017
Guidance on Completing Form