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Human Resources Services for Schools

Human resources services for schools are split into two areas: advisory and transactions. Advisory services are provided by Herts for Learning's HR Services Team based at Robertson House, Stevenage and the HCC Schools’ Transactions Team is managed by Serco and are based at County Hall, Hertford.

HR Services (Herts for Learning)

Professional advice is available on employment law including sensitive and time consuming cases arising from disciplinary, grievance, capability, and redundancy situations. Support is provided for Headteachers and Governors on individual casework connected with these procedures and on the management of ill-health and absence. Our team is responsible for updating and publishing all HR policies and procedures for schools. These policies and procedures are available on the Schools' HR Portal available to schools who purchase our services.

For more information on our services please visit the Herts for Learning website:


Schools’ HR Transactions Team (Serco)

The HCC Transactions team is responsible for the drawing up and issuing of contracts and supporting documents. The team advises on general terms and conditions of employment, maternity provision and pensions for teachers and support staff in schools.  

Most schools choose to have a continuing Comprehensive Unlimited HR contract to ensure that they are fully covered for any number of HR issues that may arise throughout the year.  If you already subscribe to one of the HR packages you do not have to do anything to renew it.