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ISL service request

Last updated on 07 April 2021

How to access an ISL service

To access advice and support about individual children from any of our teams in ISL, a Service Request form (SR) must be completed.

Requests for Education, Health and Care assessments are separate and must go through the established Hertfordshire process.

Hertfordshire Local Offer: Education, health and care plans (EHCP)

The ISL teams will also contribute to multi-agency assessments and support for children and families as part of early help called Families First.

Families First Assessment (FFA) is used by practitioners who work with children, young people, parents and carers. It's used to identify needs, and to organise the right support and services to address those needs at an early stage. The FFA process allows different agencies and services to share information and work together in a coordinated way. FFAs are voluntary, and require consent from parents or carers before they can begin. Families First Assessment and Early Help Module (EHM) have replaced Family CAF and eCAF system which are no longer in use.

Hertfordshire County Council: Families First assessment and Early Help module

First published 30 July 2020 - Last updated on 07 April 2021