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RE subject leaders

Subject leadership is a critical role for any subject and for RE can be a fairly lonely job. Check out the newsletters and networking page for support, sharing and mutual aid in Hertfordshire. 

The links and documents below are national and SACRE sources for advice, information, professional development and career progression.

RE Online: a practical checklist

Curriculum planning and implementation

The documents tend to be general curriculum principles rather than explicit RE curriculum, but will be helpful for you as subject leader to understand thinking around curriculum and to work with your colleagues in building an RE curriculum that adds to the whole-school curriculum.

In Ofsted terms, a curriculum should ensure that it “is designed and delivered in a way that allows pupils to transfer key knowledge to long-term memory. It is sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and pupils can work towards clearly defined end points.”

RE Online: leading RE curriculum

RE Online: RE in a broad and balanced curriculum: A practical tool

NATRE: RE leadership

NATRE: methods of teaching RE

Infed: What is curriculum? Exploring theory and practice


RE Assessment grid for primary age related expectations by year group

The RE assessment grid has been developed by Hertfordshire SACRE members to provide the statutory expected learning outcomes for the end of each key stage taken from Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022 pages 18-22 wheels. For years 1, 3 and 5 new suggested non-statutory exemplars are provided in italics.


The 2019 Handbook makes clear what is expected regarding the curriculum and there are some positive elements in there for RE. NATRE has produced some very helpful analyses of recent reports that mention RE. There is also a highlighted copy of the Ofsted criteria for ‘Quality of education’. It is also worth looking at the Personal Development section.

Ofsted: school inspection handbook (section 5) - grade descriptors for the quality of education

NATRE: Some reflections on the implications of the new Ofsted framework and handbook for inspection on religious education

NATRE: Ofsted primary reports Autumn term 2019

NATRE: Ofsted secondary reports 


Sample policies


First published 01 September 2020 - Last updated on 01 September 2020