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Science KS3-KS4, KS: consultancy and support

Last updated on 20 November 2020

Advisory services

Herts for Learning’s science advisers have a national reputation for providing professional development and school support, and work with local and national partners such as STEM Learning, Science Learning Partnerships and CLEAPSS. Their wealth of experience and local knowledge ensures that professional development is tailored to the setting.

Areas covered include:

  • designing a personalised curriculum at KS3
  • embedding working scientifically skills across KS3
  • designing a KS4 curriculum to support quality first teaching 
  • embedding specific skills at GCSE: application 
  • developing and embedding effective assessment at KS3 & 4
  • moderating science assessment at KS3
  • standardisation and moderating KS4 mock exams 
  • GCSE AQA Walking talking mocks for Combined or Triple science students
  • subject leader support and coaching
  • health and safety audits
  • auditing a science department 

For further information and details of pricing call on 01438 544464 or email


First published 21 August 2020 - Last updated on 20 November 2020