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ESSENTIALMATHS V2.0 – available now

Last updated on 11 June 2024

We are delighted to announce that HFL Education’s ESSENTIALMATHS V2.0 is now live and available to purchase via the HFL Education website.  

ESSENTIALMATHS offers a carefully planned, small-step progression through the maths national curriculum from Reception to Year 6.  These primary maths teaching resources and learning sequences are an essential suite of resources for all primary school teachers and are designed for use in single age and mixed age classrooms. 

What’s new in ESSENTIALMATHS V2.0? 

Since ESSENTIALMATHS’ original launch in 2017, it has been regularly added to each year in response to needs identified through our work with leaders and teachers in schools. So, if you and your school have been using ESSENTIALMATHS already, or you’re exploring it for the first time, you will find our specialist Primary Maths Advisers have made lots of improvements including:

  • Brand new online platform – with all resources in one place and improved functionality to aid navigation and accessibility, facilitating efficient curriculum progression tracking back
  • Expanded resource library
  • Re-mapped long-term plans with time allocated for diagnostic assessment - increasing teaching time for key concepts and enabling assessment-informed planning
  • Curriculum progression identified on each learning sequence - tracking-back to enable access for all  
  • Rehearsal and reasoning sheets - worked examples, rehearsal, reasoning and retrieval questions for teachers to select from 
  • Fully aligned homework suite - includes worked examples, speaking frames and questions to enable support at home 
  • A carefully considered scaled pricing structure that takes into account your school’s structure and size.

Everything you need for great primary maths teaching and learning - all in one place!

Visit ESSENTIALMATHS V2.0 for full details and prices