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Capital funding and works applications

Last updated on 22 April 2022

Capital funding guidance

Since 1st April 2014 all Primary schools in Hertfordshire have received additional revenue funding in their budget that had previously been held centrally for capital maintenance. As a result of receiving this funding, schools now have greater capacity to undertake capital works themselves and are expected to take forward elements of their school Asset Management Plans (AMPs). All maintained schools, however, are entitled to apply to Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) for capital funding for higher value works to school premises (ie. those which are estimated to cost more than £15,000). Funding is prioritised and allocated on the basis of condition and need. Applications, including those held for future years, are reviewed termly by the HCC Design and Capital Delivery Team. 

Financial contributions from schools

  • as from 2017, schools will no longer be required to make a financial contribution to schemes, as highlighted in the schools forum paper (7 December 2016):

Hertfordshire County Council: Schools forum paper

  • no funding will be awarded to schools who have indicated their intention to convert to an academy

Works applications process

Any request for funding must be accompanied by supporting evidence and all schools applying for capital funding are asked to provide the following documents:

A one page Business Case outlining the scope, cost and expectations of the works.

Please note all bid submissions will be returned unless it contains the correct Property Reference. (Block/Room Reference) This should be taken from the Corporate Property Database. Please do not use old HCC floor Plans. All schools will have received HCC Floor plans with their Asbestos Management Survey and the correct version will be available on the CPD.

An up-to-date copy of the school's 5-year Asset Management Plan:

A condition survey describing the condition and an estimate of the costs of repair.

When submitting a bid to replace boilers/hot water systems, additional questions on the pipework condition must be answered.

Notes on completing an application

  • schools can submit bids at any time and, whilst the current year's programme is likely to be largely committed, new bids will be reviewed and a decision made about their relative priority in line with the timescale set out below.
  • receipt of your application will be acknowledged within three working days.
  • you may be asked to provide additional information if your bid is not complete.
  • acceptance of a bid may not constitute an immediate funding approval, however it is an important first gateway for your project. Schools will be given an indication of when the project might be progressed but this will be subject to budget. It is not uncommon for there to be 18 months between approval of a bid and the project being implemented.

Schools may submit bids throughout the school year but these will be reviewed with discussions taking place once a year, as outlined in the below table.

It is recommended that you monitor dates as these may change.

Deadline for bids to be considered DCD response to schools by
Friday 22nd October 2021 Thursday 20th January 2022
Thursday 20th October 2022 Thursday 19th January 2023
Thursday 19th October 2023 Thursday 18th January 2024
Thursday 17th October 2024 Thursday 16th January 2025

If you have any questions about the process or would like to send an application:


Condition grants and spend guidance March 2022

Further information to the DfE guidance on SCA and CIF can be found online:

Gov.UK: School capital funding

First published 19 August 2020 - Last updated on 22 April 2022