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Hertfordshire valuing SEND training - VSEND

Last updated on 12 October 2023

As part of SEND Transformation in Hertfordshire, Valuing SEND will standardise the approach to identifying needs earlier and improving outcomes for children and young people.

Following on from our successful trials, we are now launching the roll out of our Hertfordshire Valuing SEND tool and training for professionals including education, health and social care teams and any other professionals who may come into contact with VSEND through the course of their usual work.

Key benefits

Key benefits you can expect from using the VSEND tool and approach in practice:

  • establishes a common language when describing levels of need and enables planning of how to meet needs.
  • supports the work of professionals and promotes collaboration between staff and parents.
  • supports the child - enabling tracking of progress made and supporting annual review and transition planning
  • enables settings and professionals to build a peer support network and share best practice and support strategies
  • supports settings to identify gaps and areas for further development (resource / budget allocation, training and recruitment).

What can you expect from the training:

  • obtain a better understanding of what the VSEND tool and approach is about
  • how and when you might come across VSEND in your role
  • how VSEND can support your role.

To set up your VSEND login contact and for any tech issues contact the Unify helpdesk at

VSEND Training for Early Years Providers

VSEND Training 

To book VSEND training please visit:

Eventbrite: Valuing SEND Events


This folder includes a video of the slides with a voiceover, to support as a reminder for people who have attended the training. The other five videos instruct the user through navigation of the five areas of the tool to support them with completing it.

Last updated on 12 October 2023