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Learning behaviour: consultancy and support

Last updated on 26 July 2021

The Herts for Learning Wellbeing Advisers can support you to:

  • undertake a review the effectiveness of current behaviour systems and strategies and make recommendations for improved practice (request a full behaviour review to
  • embed therapeutic approaches to behaviour (training, coaching or consultancy)
  • transform behaviour for learning approaches to enhance the learning environment and develop pupils’ love of learning
  • gain the positive engagement of parents/carers in supporting behaviour for learning

The HfL approach aims to empower schools to target areas for improvement, embed effective behaviour for learning and deliver a curriculum to build a community of engaged and enthusiastic learners. Central to this is improving pupils’ attitudes to and engagement in learning. We support teachers to recognise the underlying meaning of ‘poor behaviour’ and to give due attention to emotional response in the classroom.

Contact the HfL Wellbeing Advisers at

First published 06 October 2020 - Last updated on 26 July 2021