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Last updated on 28 July 2020

Give a child the Chance to Thrive

Do you have the skills or experience to foster a child with additional needs?

As part of the #ChanceToThrive campaign, Hertfordshire County Council’s fostering and adoption team is looking for people who can foster children who have a variety of different needs.

Professionals working in nursing, midwifery, healthcare, police and probation roles are among those being particularly targeted for this campaign as they are more likely to have these additional skills, built up through their experience in work.

Approximately 70% of looked-after children have some form of additional need, compared to almost 20% of all other children.

Find out more including information on how you can help share the campaign messages and highlight the need for more foster carers.

Hertfordshire County Council: Chance to thrive campaign (pdf)

If you’re interested in fostering, contact the fostering and adoption team on 0800 917 0925 or visit the website:

Chance to Thrive

Do you have something missing in your life? Could you foster a child?

Hertfordshire County Council’s fostering recruitment team has created a powerful film highlighting the urgent need for more foster carers in the county. There are approximately 950 children and young people in care in Hertfordshire and many of these children need the love and support of a foster family.

To highlight the needs of these children and the transformation that foster parents can bring to their lives, the county council has created a moving film as part of its Something Missing campaign. The story follows the plight of a 12-year-old whose mum is unable to care for her, and is left feeling neglected, scared and needing help. It also tracks the lives of a couple who have the time, space and desire to welcome someone else in their lives.

Watch the film Something Missing, where you can also find out more information about how to foster.

Hertfordshire County Council: Somethingmissing  film

Find out more about fostering:

Hertfordshire County Council: Fostering

First published 28 July 2020 - Last updated on 28 July 2020