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Free School Meals (FSM)

Last updated on 10 July 2024

Free school meals – are households in your district missing out?

Over 6,000 households in Hertfordshire could be eligible for free school meals but so far haven’t applied(Oct 23). By district, that breaks down as:

  • Broxbourne – 753
  • Dacorum – 861
  • East Herts – 637
  • Hertsmere – 679
  • North Herts – 554
  • St Albans – 488
  • Stevenage – 535
  • Three Rivers – 345
  • Watford – 601
  • Welwyn Hatfield – 715

As well as missing out on a free school meal, households could be missing out on:

  • school milk (Year 3 and over)
  • food vouchers during school holidays
  • SaverCard which gives half fare bus travel to 11-19 year olds (usually £20)
  • help with music lesson fees
  • free school holiday activity camps (

For each child that is eligible for a free school meal (through low income), your school will benefit from additional pupil premium which will help to improve education for disadvantaged pupils.

Please promote with families at your school.

FSM communications

FSM voucher information

Providing Free School Meals to families with no recourse to public funds (NRPF)

This article provides guidance about FSM eligibility for families with NRPF and how schools can support families with applications.

FSM transitional protection

This bulletin provides updated information about FSM transitional protection.

Free School Meals renewals 2024

The attached document contains information about this year’s renewals process and the action schools are required to take.

School meals for Ukrainian refugees

This bulletin provides guidance on providing meals for this group.

Promoting Free School Meals (FSM)

Below are some FSM communications you may wish to share with (prospective) parent/families of pupils at your school, to support raise awareness and take up particularly amongst families who would benefit from the service.

Some suggestions as to how you may utilise these articles include:

  • circulating to prospective families at summer open days/evenings
  • add to your school website
  • weekly/monthly school newsletters

Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) applications

This article provides information about promoting UIFSM applications.

Education benefit matrix

This matrix provides details of the help with costs of education that is available.

Guide to completing a Free School Meal application online

This provides guidance on how to apply for a Free School Meal online for Reception to year 2 pupils and year 3 and above.

Last updated on 10 July 2024