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Part-time/reduced timetables

Last updated on 15 April 2024

Hertfordshire County Council’s Reduced Timetables Portal

The Access, Inclusion & Alternative Provision Service has digitised the process of reporting reduced timetables. The new portal is live from 6th November 2023.

Schools will be able to report any child not attending school full-time by logging into our Reduced Timetables Portal found on SOLERO, the HCC Schools Online Electronic Returns and Outputs system. 

Schools will need to provide their Unique Register Number (URN) to access the RTP portal, and the Unique Pupil Number (UPN) of each student to report a new timetable, or to modify an existing one.

Please follow these steps if you wish to find your URN, Local Authority Number or Establishment Number:

Go to and click on "Search for establishments”.

  1. Select "Search by Location" and enter your school’s postcode in the box labelled ‘Postcode, town or city’.
  2. Click on the ‘Search’ button.
  3. The results page entry for your school includes all three numbers.

Schools will be able to see all the students on their roll who are on a reduced timetable. Please note that schools will be expected to upload the reduced timetable risk assessment, and the child’s inclusion plan to complete the process.

AnyComms will not be available after the 30th November to report reduced timetables and this will be deactivated on 30th November 2023.

Please do not email reduced timetables to other Hertfordshire County Council email addresses, instead please use the Reduced Timetable Portal found in SOLERO.

The new Reduced Timetable Portal has been thoroughly tested to ensure that schools can log in easily and provide all required information.

Should you have any issues however, please email and a member of our team will assist.

Guidance on the use of part-time timetables for pupils of compulsory school age all schools

As part of the framework for the inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers (Ofsted June 2015) local authorities are required to provide detailed data on school age children in their area who are not in receipt of full time education and schools are similarly expected to maintain data on students of compulsory school age who are on their roll but attending on a part-time timetable. The Local authority has published guidance for all maintained school, academies, free schools, studio schools, UTCs, ESCs and PSBs on the use of part-time time-tables for pupils of compulsory school age ( the term after their fifth birthday to the last Friday in June following their 16th birthday) All schools are asked to return information on children who are on part-time tables within five days of the pupil starting or ending a part -time timetable.

Guidance and reports for part-time timetables can be found on the Herts for Learning Data Management Services portal. Subscribing schools will need to login to their school account to access the link. 

Data Management Services portal: attendance

Last updated on 15 April 2024