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Hertfordshire's employer guidance for the management of learning outside the classroom (LOtC) and offsite visits

Last updated on 17 November 2020

Guidance for LOtC and offsite visits

Hertfordshire has adopted the OEAP: National Guidance. This should be read in conjunction with Hertfordshire's policy statement for the management of Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) and offsite visits.

National Guidance is also available via 'EVOLVE'. It will not be distributed as a hard copy and its modular format means it can be amended and updated on an on-going basis in line with national developments.

National Guidance is recognised by all major teaching unions as being the definitive replacement for HASPEV (1998) and its Supplements (2002), and is also acknowledged by the Department for Education and HSE as the reference for good practice. It has been widely adopted across England and wales, which fulfils Hertfordshire's undertaking to harmonise its own guidance with others and removes differences and potential pitfalls for staff.

Schools and other children's services establishments should now have disposed of their copies of the OVM in the recycling bin and it is suggested that people add the link to National Guidance to their website favourites for easy access.

Establishment managers and visit leaders will be expected to implement the guidance as appropriate when they undertake offsite visits. All establishments should ensure they have at least two members of staff who have attended a management of offsite visits (EVC) training or update training course within the last 3-5 years.

National Guidance suggests various items for inclusion in an individual establishment's Offsite Visits Policy document OEAP: 5.3b How to write an establishment visit policy.

The document below is intended to help those establishments that wish to develop their own policy documents by providing a framework and format which can be adapted and amended as required.

Mark Falkingham
Offsite Visits Adviser
Hertfordshire County Council
Tel: 01992 556491

First published 06 November 2020 - Last updated on 17 November 2020