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Offsite visits: risk assessments

Last updated on 06 November 2020

Please note that these generic risk assessments are not to be regarded as definitive and that there are more to follow, particularly for adventurous activities. They have been prepared to assist with preparation of site or activity specific risk assessments. Staff should refer to, or cut and paste, the relevant bits of these generic risk assessments to fit them to their own specific requirements.

In compiling them I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Taff Bowles of East Riding Yorkshire Council and Martin Smith of Nottingham City Council, whose works I have heavily plundered. I am also grateful to the many colleagues who have sent me risk assessments as part of their offsite visit notifications, which have been extensively trawled in the process of producing these documents - if you see something you recognize as possibly being your work, then it probably is.

Mark Falkingham
Offsite Visits Adviser

The following risk assessments dated 2015 are still valid as of 2020.

First published 13 October 2020 - Last updated on 06 November 2020