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Model and statutory policies

Last updated on 22 November 2021

DfE: Statutory policies for schools and academies

The Department for Education's document outlines the policies and other documents governing bodies are legally required to hold. Governing bodies are required to hold each of these policies and other documents, as outlined, however:

  • the drafting of school policies can be delegated to any member of school staff
  • there is no requirement for all policies to be reviewed annually
  • not all policies need to be signed off by the full governing body

The document makes clear how often each policy must be reviewed and also shows the level of approval required, where this is prescribed in regulations.

DfE: Statutory policies for schools 

The Department for Education’s statutory guidance publications for schools and local authorities:

DfE: Statutory guidance

Model policies for Hertfordshire schools 

Model policies are given to assist governing bodies in drafting and agreeing their own school policy, the details of which will vary from school to school depending on their size, structure and needs. Model policies should therefore be adapted – not adopted. Occasionally a policy includes statutory requirements (for example statutory time limits in which to hold exclusion hearings) which must be adhered to.

How to find model policies on the Grid

Search by keyword using the term 'model policy' OR:

Use the 'Advanced Search' option:

  • select 'Documents' tab on the blue bar
  • select the filter for 'Content type'
  • select the filter for 'Model policy'
  • select sort by 'newest' above the search results to see the most recently added model policies

This will give you results only for those 'model policies' on the Grid* which can be adapted by schools.

Model policies quick search result

If you want to find other policies available then select the filter for 'Policy'.

* Not all model policies are on the Grid website.

HR policies

You can find policies, procedures and supporting documents such as model policies and templates on the HR portals on the Herts for Learning website:

Herts for Learning: HR Services portal - for maintained schools

Herts for Learning: Academies HR portal - for academies/MATs

If your school buys HR services from Herts for Learning you will have access to the portal in your school account on the Herts for Learning website.

If you have problems accessing the portal please contact Herts for Learning Customer Services on 01438 544464 or

Access to the HR services knowledge portals is only available to schools or academies buying a core or full HR service with Herts for Learning. Find out more:

Herts for Learning: HR services

First published 22 December 2020 - Last updated on 22 November 2021