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Early Years SEND team

Last updated on 28 July 2021

The ISL Early Years SEND team provides specialist support, advice and training to promote early intervention and inclusive practice for children aged 0-5 with special educational needs and/or disability. The team is made up of early years specialists who support individual children and also provide systemic support to early years settings.

  • we work with children with a range of developmental difficulties, including those with very complex needs
  • we work with children at home as well as in settings, carrying out observations, assessments and modelling good practice
  • our work follows a multi-professional approach with families at the centre
  • we work closely with professionals in schools and other services to support children's transition into school.

Contacts for your Area Early Years SEND Team and support: ISL contacts

Access to support and advice about individual children is through a Single Service Request form

Individual assessment of early learning and development

For the identification of additional needs in children whose skills fall into the 0-4 years range, to aid target setting and to promote inclusive practice in Early Years settings and schools.

First published 30 July 2020 - Last updated on 28 July 2021