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Leadership development: new headteachers

Last updated on 10 June 2021

Moving to a New Headship (MTNH) programme

This programme supports those taking up their first headship and those moving to a new school in Hertfordshire as a head. It covers all phases and sectors: nursery, primary, middle, secondary, mainstream and special. It is designed to assist the process of initiation to headship, and supports new headteachers in balancing the practical demands of their role with personal leadership development.

The programme consists of:

  • a comprehensive package of one day, half day and twilight training courses covering a range of key themes that heads will need to address
  • a Professional Partner (and experienced Hertfordshire head) allocated to coach and mentor each new head on the programme

Our Hertfordshire Professional Partners (HPPs) are specially trained to support new headteachers throughout their first year of headship. HPPs are serving headteachers of Hertfordshire schools graded good or outstanding, each with at least three years’ experience in headship. They attend regular training to keep their mentoring skills up to date.

We encourage all new Hertfordshire heads to join the MTNH programme.

For further information on the programme please call 01438 544477 or email:

Handing over headship – a toolkit for schools

The toolkit is offered to Hertfordshire schools as an example of best practice in ensuring the smooth handover from one headteacher to another. For more information regarding the handover toolkit please email

First published 04 August 2020 - Last updated on 10 June 2021